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          Distribution product

          Original ecological green healthy ingredients, provided and delivered as one


          ABOUT US


                  Guangdong Yuanfeng Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. has been established for many years, mainly engaged in green vegetables, fresh meat, aquatic products, three birds, grain and oil, non-staple food, frozen products, etc. The company has been adhering to the "quality and cheap, quality first, customers. "Supreme, on-time, on-demand, fresh and safe" attitude provides all the canteens with safe and worry-free safe ingredients and services. The company has also insured food safety liability insurance, so that customers have no worries. The company has physical stores: Xingrun Commercial Bank (Xinfu Store) welcomes customers to purchase.

          Self-produced site

          Original ecological green healthy ingredients, provided and delivered as one

          Yuanfeng's four advantages

          Original ecological green healthy ingredients, provided and delivered as one

          01 Experience Professional distribution

          Employees with many years of experience, not only quality, but also a thorough understanding of food safety

          Professional delivery of canteen vegetables for various factory canteens, schools, government agencies, etc.

          Indirectly, you can save manpower, time and improve operational efficiency.

          02 Source ingredients Security

          Large-scale self-produced site, multiple vegetable growers

          Strict selection, screening and management of ingredients, and the first step for customers to purchase ingredients

          Multi-channel cleaning, safe, no pesticides


          03 Self-built logistics Full control

          Have multiple delivery vehicles and a group of high-quality distribution employees

          Different packaging and temperature control for different ingredients to achieve quality and freshness

          Professional shockproof, anti-collision, insulation measures, layer protection

          04 Satisfied after sale Worry-free

          7*24 hours quick response, solve all problems for you

          Perfect after-sales process, guaranteeing customer service tracking

          If there are any quality problems, you can complain on the spot in the presence of the delivery personnel.

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